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Wicker dolls' pram with blue bedding and padding - grey

Manufacturer: My Sweet Baby
EAN: 5902366009725
Shipment:48 hours
Wicker doll pram - made of natural wicker, on a natural high wooden chassis with wooden wheels - grey painted.
A great gift for a little girl - a beautiful wicker doll trolley MY SWEET BABY, stylish and unique. Handmade pram, top quality handicraft. Natural Polish wicker from ecological cultivation. The pram has a beautiful rounded shape. Wooden solid chassis made of natural beech wood, top quality. Solid stable handle makes it easy to steer the pushchair comfortably. High chassis comfortable for an older child. Wooden wheels protected by rubber tyre. The wheels are mounted on metal axles. A special "click-clack" safety device securely fastens the wheels and makes the wheels turn easily.
The set also includes a beautiful bedding for the doll - a frill trimmed blanket.
The entire pram is additionally lined with cotton padding. For the highest safety, the interior and edges of the pram are protected by an elegant lining, finished with a frill and piping.
Movable fabric canopy beautifully decorated with bows.
An extremely charming and stylish doll's pram, stunning in its beauty and quality.
The whole pram painted with special ecological certified paints, safe for children, used for toys.

Every detail of the pram is beautifully detailed as a result of careful handwork. In addition, each pram comes with a card, on which you can write a dedication or wishes.

Characteristics of the pram:

- basket of the pram woven by hand from natural ecological wicker,
- solid and stable high wooden chassis, with a long comfortable handle,
- wooden wheels mounted on metal axles, with a "click-clack" safety device to ensure that the wheels roll more easily and grip,
- rubber tyres to protect the wheels,
- a complete set of dolls' bedding and a cotton lining for the pushchair,
- movable canopy
- enclosed card with the possibility of inscribing a dedication.

Overall dimensions: length 50/52 cm, width 32/33 cm, height 69 cm.
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