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Who are we?

We are a family-run business where we have been preparing the best things for babies for many years. With great passion and engagement. It has been 20 years since we left the big city for our village in Opole. Here, among the hills overgrown with grain, by the roads shaded with cherry trees, at the foot of St. Anne's Mountain, together with family and friends we started our adventure.

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The first were wicker Moses baskets and My Sweet Baby brand. This was our main product - unknown in Poland at the time, although our great-grandmothers used to put their children to sleep in such baskets. Later, the baskets were forgotten. But we dug them out, modernized, added safe solutions and successfully introduced them to the market all over Europe. We were the first and only to pass a strict safety assessment of our wicker baskets in a TUV laboratory. This guarantees that our products are not only beautiful, but also safe and durable. We produce our wicker moses baskets the same way again and again, putting all our heart and skills into them. The base is a wicker basket, hand woven from Polish natural wicker, durable and beautiful. The basket is attached to a wooden chassis, which may vary in size and form. But it is always wooden, natural, handmade. Our baskets are protected with ecological paints (with all approvals, of course), enriched with bedding and covers. Versions with a hood, with a canopy, hanging cradles - we have everything :-) The colours of the upholstery change, but the very baskets and chassis have been the same for 20 years, traditionally prepared by hand. We are happy that already the next generation of children sleeps safely in our baskets. Today, the My Sweet Baby brand includes Moses wicker baskets, handmade crochet baskets, solid wooden cots and exclusive bedding collections in fine cotton and muslin. Hanging canopies, braided bumpers - these are our hit products. My Sweet Baby also offers beautiful dolls' prams, top quality, durable and safe wicker and wooden prams.

wicker doll prams my-sweet-baby

Gradually, our offer was supplemented with what our customers were looking for. Today, you will find almost everything related to the equipment of a room for the baby. Our second baby product brand, Bobono, offers colourful baby bedding and plenty of accessories. Baby bedding, cot bumpers, canopies, accessories, cones and sleeping bags, curtains, changing tables and much more. And also wooden baby beds with drawers. For older children we have beautiful tipi tents, dry pools with balls, wicker and wooden dolls' prams. We constantly make sure that our products are attractive and fashionable. We follow trends and introduce novelties. We were the first company in Poland to introduce many articles for babies. It is nothing that others copy and imitate us :-) We do not look at others, we focus on offering the best, made of the best materials. Because things for kids have to be the best! Not only pretty in the picture, but absolutely safe.

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