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For reasons beyond our control, products made of fabric, wood or wicker from different production batches may differ slightly in colour from each other and from the published photos. Images presented in electronic form, on monitors, computers, etc. differ in colour depending on the individual settings of each user. Wood and wicker products are made of 100% natural raw material, which has its own unique colour, drawing and structure, which makes each product has its individual and unique character. Differences in minor colours of elements do not give grounds for complaint. In the case of cots and wooden products - minor scratches or unevenness are acceptable, especially in places that are not visible and do not affect the way and safety of their use.

Products from the Basic and Fun&Joy Bobono lines - in the case of products sewn from large pattern fabrics, individual elements may slightly differ from those presented in the photos. It results from the fact that during the cutting of large pattern fabrics individual elements may come across a different printing element (pattern) and then they will be made of a different fragment of fabric.

During the winter period, microcracks may appear on items made of natural materials (i.e. wood, wicker) painted with dyes. This is due to significant temperature changes (during transport, storage, etc.). The phenomenon is the result of thermal expansion of these materials and is not subject to complaint. The formation of microcracks does not affect the strength and functionality of the product.

In order to constantly improve the quality of the offered products we reserve the right to make changes in the products and collections, including constructional changes, which do not change the general character of the products.

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