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1. Complaints regarding damage in transit: ► see the "Shipping" section.

2. Complaints related to the quantity and content of the package:
- All shipments are carefully checked at the time of packaging and their content is photographed. Each package also has its own individual serial number. Double-check the contents of packages as they arrive. If the amount does not match or you received a different product than in the order and invoice - please contact us, everything can be verified on the basis of photographs and documents. Such notifications must be sent to us at the latest within a week of receipt.

3. Complaints regarding quality:
All our products are covered by a 24 month manufacturer's warranty. If you received goods which for some reason do not meet your expectations for quality, please contact us. Please also check the received goods before sending it on to your customer.

4. Complaints from your customers:
All complaints are dealt with by us by e-mail, there is no need to send us the products themselves. If you receive a complaint from your customer, please send it to us with the following information:
- serial number of the product (for baby cots and baskets). This number is on the package, on the warranty card, and on the product itself - at the bottom of the basket and the bottom of the crib.
- Photo showing the problem
- a brief description of the problem
We try to deal with complaints as soon as possible. The maximum time to process the claim is 7 days. All parts or replacement products will be sent at our expense, directly to you or your customers (depending on the findings).

5. Complains caused by your courier, shipping company etc. during the transport, can not be recognized by us.

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