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We provide dropshipping service (i.e. shipments from our warehouse directly to your customers) to all European Union countries. In the case of other countries - please send us an information request. This solution saves you the problem of packaging and sending parcels, helps to save your time and to get rid of the problem of the storage of goods. Shipments are sent only once and directly to your customer.

Dropshippings are carried via DPD and GLS courier (depending on a country).
In case of placing such orders, please provide accurate data of your customer, including phone number (so in case of delivery problems, the courier can easily contact your customer directly).
Our service guarantees: completion of even a small order in accordance with the specifications, packing, photographing the contents, placing order in the courier system and sending the items directly to your customer. In addition, in each package, next to the sticker with the client's address, there is the color sticker with the name of your store so that the customer knows upon receipt that this consignment is from you. In addition - we can attach your printed invoice to the shipment - please send it to us by e-mail and we will print it and attach to the package (in a transparent plastic envelope under mailing sticker). You can also send us any other prints and other advertising materials, which can also be attached to the package. At the time of shipping the package, you will receive from us information about a particular client's shipping and tracking number.

We do not accept consumer returns. By offering dropshipping we help you to ship your products directly to your customers and save you the costs of storage, order picking, packing, courier preparation etc. But you are still the seller for your customers and all issues related to the sales transaction and customer service are on your side.
All what you have to do is to tell your client about shipping order and planned delivery time and track the order in the courier system whether or not there are any problems with package delivery. You must also remind the customer to check at the delivery if the shipment is damaged or not, and no later than the next day - whether the shipment is complete and if there are no hidden damages. In case of problems, you must also provide the serial number of the parcel. Then we will check the pictures. If the picture shows that something is missing, we will send it at our own expense. If the missing element is visible in the photo - we will reject such a claim.

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