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Universal bumper for cot - rocking horses

Manufacturer: Bobono
Model: ochr-U/druk/776
EAN: 5908297433523
Shipment:48 hours

Universal cot bumper for baby beds

The high and resilient bumper perfectly absorbs and protects your baby against the hard rungs of the crib.
Specially constructed and with additional stitching, so that it perfectly fits both the 120x60 cm cot and the larger 140x70 cm baby cot. The bumper is filled with a layer of elastic anti-allergic silicone nonwoven fabric, thanks to which it fits nicely on the bed. The nonwoven fabric is Ökotex certified. The cover of the bumper is made of the highest quality cotton, which does not lose its properties even after many washes. Cotton strong straps allow for easy and solid attachment of the bumper.

The bumper can also be completed with other products from the Bobono collection, creating its own unique set.
Dimensions: length 155 cm (+/- 2cm), height 32 cm.

Specially designed with additional stitching. Perfectly fit for both size of cots: 60x120cm and 70x140cm.

Bumper is filled with a special non-allergic and breathable Filling (certified OKOTEX).

Fits for cot 60x120cm or 70x140cm.
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