Front pageDouble sided anti shock cushion "BUTTERFLY"Double-sided anti shock cushion \"BUTTERFLY\" - clouds gray/pink
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Double-sided anti shock cushion \"BUTTERFLY\" - clouds gray/pink

Manufacturer: Bobono
Model: motylek/funandjoy/1020_różowe minky

Double sided anti shock cushion "BUTTERFLY"

Very functional for infant car seat, carrier or baby pram. Fillind made of approved fiber ECOFILLBALL. They are thin and soft fibers formed into tiny balls with additional air tunnels.

Balls are fluffy, elastic and soft in touch and provide proper air circulation.

A butterfly cushion shape keeps correct head position at all times. It minimizes microshocks while the journey or while walking on uneven ground.

Anti shock cushion "butterfly" is available as a part of a set with baby seat insert and pads.

Dimensions: 40x28cm.

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