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Multifunctional pregnancy pillow Longer - mint forest

Manufacturer: Bobono
Model: LONGER- 1003
EAN: 5902366020812
Shipment:48 hours
The relaxing pillow is the perfect product useful both during pregnancy and having a nap.

Multifunction, relaxing pillow- Longer
it is the newest product of the Bobono collection.

Pillow Longer it is the perfect product useful both during pregnancy, feeding and while having a nap.

During pregnancy the relaxing pillow Longer is great solution. In the last months of pregnancy pregnant belly is getting bigger and hinder comfortable possition during sleeping at night or during resting.
In the last months of pragnency lying on the back can cause abnormal blood flow to your baby's body, a relaxing pillow Longer reliably stabilizes your lateral position during sleep.
The cushion can be settle on the front or back of the body both at night and during normal relaxation.
It is also useful to balanced the body by supporting legs and spinning the body.

The pillow Longer is suitable for convenient resting in the supine position with legs elevated up or as a support of your back while you are sitting.

During feeding relaxing Pillow Longer allows to maintain a stable and comfortable position and baby during feeding, regardless of whether the child is fed in a sitting position or lying down.

The Longer allowes mother to feed freely, due to significant relief in arms, neck, shoulders and back. Relaxing pillow can also be used as a "nest" for baby and help them with the first attempts to seat. The filling inside the pillow it is Eco Fillball- atested Silicone Balls - "artificial fluff" for pillows- filling ensures proper settlement of the baby and air circulation. The length of the pillow (170 cm) guarantee the comfortable possition for mather and baby both durin feeding and resting. Only original, relaxing pillow Longer has zippered cover easy to take off.
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