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Feeding pillow- Basic Forest animals cream

Manufacturer: Bobono
Model: FASOLKA/basic/ 700
EAN: 5908297425337
Shipment:48 hours

Comfortable, luxuryconvenient feeding pillow is an essential purchase for both pre and post pregnancy.    

Feeding pillow

- pregnancy and support nursing pillow,
- helps to ease pressure points,
- offers back support during pregnancy,
- provides support and comfort during breast feeding,

- resting place for baby to lie back and relax,

- made of 100% cotton.

Feeding pillows are an essential purchase for both pre and post pregnancy. The shape ergonomically designed to sit comfortably around you whilst pregnant offering you support and extra comfort. Or at feeding time with your baby, it sits comfortably around you to provide the correct posture and support for your baby.

The pillows also double up and allow a resting area for baby after feeding (once they can support their own head and neck). As baby grows, the pillow can be used as a support aid for sitting (recommended once the child can sit unaided). Alternatively lay your baby on their tummy this encourages tummy time play, which helps strengthen neck, back and shoulder muscles.

The internal padding is made from fibres that do not lose their shape or compactness over time.

Pregnancy pillow - provides support during pregnancy, simply place between your knees and ankles to help ease the pressure points on your legs, or around your back whilst sitting or resting.

Feeding pillow - place comfortably and securely around your waistline, this will provide support and comfort to both parent and baby during breast or bottle feeding  Resting pillow - let baby lie back gently and rest comfortably, recommended once your baby can lift/support their own head and neck.

Play time pillow - sit baby into the arch of the  pillow and use as a support aid, or lay  baby on their tummy to explore. Recommended once your baby can sit unaided.

Removable and machine washable cover.

Size: 61x48cm.

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