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Changing mat for changing table - white deer

Manufacturer: Bobono
Model: nakładka/funandjoy/1058
EAN: 5902366001729
Shipment:48 hours
Changing table cover for chest of drawers

Designed for babies from the first day of life. Irreplaceable during changing, diaper changes or everyday nursing activities. Made of materials friendly to baby's delicate skin, certified with Ökotex.

It allows for easy and comfortable changing of the baby, changing diapers, before and after bathing. The three-layer construction of the changing table ensures the highest comfort and convenience: nice soft cotton on top of the changing table (certified by Ökotex), inside there is a layer of soft fluffy unwoven fabric (anti-allergic, certified by Ökotex), from the bottom there is a white soft oilcloth that protects the chest or extension against getting wet. The whole set is heavily stitched on the edges and in the middle, thanks to which it will not lose its shape even after many washings. The whole thing is heavily stitched around the edges and through the middle, so it won't lose its shape even after many washings.

Inside dimensions:

47cm wide 69cm long

External dimensions:

55cm wide 74cm long

Composition: 100% cotton (Ökotex certified)

Our covers are a perfect match for the chests of drawers: Classic and Leonardo.
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