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Maternity Support Pillow C - tropical flowers

Manufacturer: Bobono
EAN: 5902366017966
Large, very comfortable, a maternity support pillow for comfortable sleeping on the side. It allows every future mother to feel comfortable during rest and sleep, breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

The maternity support pillow with a skin-friendly cotton cover made of high quality cotton fabric is helpful in many situations.
During pregnancy: ideally in the last months of pregnancy when the stomach becomes bigger and makes it difficult to get comfortable position while sleeping or resting. The unique shape and filling stabilize the lateral position and helps to give the pregnant woman the most comfortable position.

During feeding: invaluable help during breast and bottle feeding. The maternity pillow supports the arms and the back of the mother. The special filling helps to stabilize the position of the mother and the baby during feeding in a sitting or lying position. The maternity pillow can be placed under the back and under the arms - so it supports the back, relieves the arms and allows a comfortable position for mother and child while bottle feeding.
Fluffy and elastic filling fits to the woman's body at every stage of pregnancy very well. The filling inside the pillow it is Eco Fillball- atested Silicone Balls - "artificial fluff" for pillows. The filling ensures proper elasticity and adequate air circulation.

The cover and the pillow are washable. The cover with a zipper can be removed and washed separately.

The large size of the pillow (115cm in length, 60cm in width) is a guarantee for a comfortable position for every mother and child during feeding, playing or relaxation.
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