Front pageBaby nest/ Cocoon classicBaby nest double-sided Premium Cocoon for infants BOBONO- white polka dots on grey/grey
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Baby nest double-sided Premium Cocoon for infants BOBONO- white polka dots on grey/grey

Manufacturer: Bobono
Model: kokon/535/523
EAN: 5902366020126
Shipment:48 hours

Baby cot nesting cocoon for infants

 Double-sided premium baby cocoon. Made of the highest quality Okotex certified cotton fabric. Filling - also Okotex certified, without optical brighteners.

 The baby cocoon is a great solution for the first months of baby's life. The cocoon is a nest for sleeping, it is smaller and cozier than a cot, the baby feels safe in it like in mummy's belly. The cocoon aims to limit the space around the baby so that he can gradually move from the embryonic position to an upright position. When the baby sleeps straight away in the cot after birth, he may feel uncomfortable because he suddenly finds himself in too much space. The soft and high edges of the cocoon wrapping around the baby protect the baby and muffle loud noises, ensuring a peaceful sleep.

 The baby cocoon has a wide range of uses and can serve the baby for a long time. The size of the cocoon can be adjusted with cords - by tying it tighter or looser the cocoon grows with the child. When the cocoon is completely untied, we obtain a long straight sleeping surface with higher edges serving as a protector.

The cocoon is packed in a foil case for easy storage and transport.

 The cocoon is reversible, made of the highest quality cotton fabric with Okotex certificate. The filling of the cocoon is a special certified fibre - ECO FILLBALL. These are thin soft fibres formed into small balls with additional air channels. Thanks to a special production technology, these balls are fluffy and springy and at the same time they feel soft and delicate like down, ensuring proper air circulation. The bottom of the cocoon is fastened, so the filling can be easily removed for washing.

 The Bobono cocoon is a 100% hand-made product with the highest care and attention to detail. Bobono is a brand that uses only certified materials of the highest quality in its products. Cotton and filling are Okotex certified.

Size approx 95 x 55 cm, height of sides approx 12 cm

Sleeping surface approx. 65 x 32 cm

 Total weight approx. 1.3 kg 

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