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Baby nest- Basic dark blue strips

Manufacturer: Bobono
EAN: 5908297425306
Shipment:48 hours
Baby nest soft Baby nests are recommended by midwives already for the first days of life. They provide the right comfort, warmth and security for the newborn, facilitate carrying and breastfeeding.

Our baby nests are made of beautiful 100% cotton. There are additional seams on the edges so that the nest does not lose its shape even after washing.

Main features:

* Cover consisting of 3 breathable layers. The outer layer is colorful 100% cotton. The inner layer is plain cotton. Between the layers is a layer of soft silicone fabric. The silicone fabric layer has an Ökotex Atest, does not cause allergies and is safe for newborns. The fabric was selected to provide enough worm but not cause overheating.

* With Velcro closure. The Velcro closure allows the newborn to be wrapped tightly, which is very important in the first days of life.

* Rounded corners on the nest. They cause that the child can be wrapped in it well. This makes the nest better to handle. Additionally overstitched edges serve to ensure that the warming filling does not slip and remains in the right place even after many washings.  

Dimensions - 77x77 cm, folded - 60x36 cm
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