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3pcs pillow set - pastel violet

Manufacturer: Bobono
Model: POD_set3_TIPI/1063
EAN: 5908297432045
Shipment:48 hours
Soft, fluffy pillows, matching the tent color. Each pillow in a different original, decorative form. Cushions are bicoloured - each side made of a different material. Also perfect as a colorful decoration for kids room.
3pcs pillow set The 3pcs set includes:

- pillow heart (H35cm, B40cm)

square pillow  (H38cm, B38cm)

- pillow star (H40, B40cm)
The filling inside the pillow it is Eco Fillball- atested Silicone Balls - "artificial fluff" for pillows- filling ensures proper settlement of the baby and air circulation. Outer fabric made of 100% cotton (not demountable)
Washable at 30°C.
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